Aldbush was founded so as to be a point between the midland area and the lands to the north. It sits upon the land owned by the nobles of Galbadras and so is governed by the Lord Mayor and the Captain of the Guards.
A lot of trade passes through Aldbush with wood, raw food and unprocessed goods coming from the North and West and refined and expensive produce coming from the East.


  • Town Hall
  • Auction House
  • Thieves’ Guild House
  • Temple of Gond
  • Shrine to Fharlanghn
  • The Naga’s Potions
  • The Little Giant’s Inn
  • Abel and Thjlda’s Quill
  • Hilfri’s Artifacts & Relics
  • Illias and Auciet’s Armoury
    Anared’s Wondrous Armaments



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